About Oisharjh

Ziaul Haque Oisharjh was born in Narayanganj, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh. He started his Photographic journey back in 2013, though he considers it as the beginning of understanding what photography is for him.

He completed his graduation from a business school. But during his undergrad days, he got interest in photography. He learned photography by doing it and already won numerous awards while many of his works have been exhibited and published nationally and internationally. Later on, he chooses to be a documentary photographer after completing his graduation from East West University, Bangladesh.

From the very beginning, he was attracted by people’s lives and their untold stories. His dream to become a documentary photographer made an extra amenity to it, so he can speak for many and the people whose voices are always unobserved. As a photographer he loves to document the details of his surrounding. His approach to take photos is to find a distinctive angle, emotion, that perfect shot and bring out the stories from people’s life. He want his pictures to speak or to convey a message by itself. His obsession is to keep moving with his photography voyage and contribute to the society.

He completed his post graduate diploma in Visual Journalism at Asian Centre for Journalism at Ateneo de Manila University, Philippine with the support of Adenauer fellowship.

He also worked for many well-known organisations such Associated Press, PMO, Department of Social Service (DSS) and also acquired his knowledge by working as an assistant photographer and videographer in many projects for The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, UNHCR, Caritas and The National Geographic Magazine both nationally and internationally.
Zia’s work also featured in the book “Focus on Culture” by The Embassy of Switzerland in Bangladesh.