Subsistence in Brick Field

Bangladesh is one of the developing countries in recent days, and it hits it’s  annul GDP record (2017-2018). When a country growing economically, the industries, houses and mills everything is growing rapidly. When already many farming lands converted to mills and industries, it left a huge impact on traditional farmer’s lives who used make their living by only farming. In these circumstances the demand for the bricks is too high because of the growing industries, houses. Workers, who work in these brick factories are mostly brought from the northern parts of Bangladesh who used to do farming. Because of the shortage of farm able land these workers come to work in many brick factories. Though the demand is very high for bricks, factories are still producing bricks in a traditional way. Workers of these brick fields include men, women and children. These are internal migrated workers, and they come hoping to make more money than they used to make by farming in their villages. Mostly in every brick factory, the authorities compromise the safety and working conditions for the workers. They use child labour to reduce their production costs. Moreover these workers often get paid less (1-2 USD) a day to support themselves and their families.

These brick field workers stay in narrow slums beside the brick fields with their families. Most of the time all the family members seen in the brick field working as the wages are that low its almost impossible to support a family by one person’s earning. Workers of brick field, work for 12-16 hours a day in a very inappropriate working environment like wage slavers.

My photo story is about those people who live their life in these brick fields. How their everyday life goes and how their happiness depends on small things, form where they get the inspiration to live.

A man watering newly made brick wall while smoke coming out from strobes of brick fields in a foggy morning.
Workers of brick field using a roller to level the ground.
Children playing, where mud-bricks leave over to dry.
Workers making mud-brick using a wooden box.
Worker buying fish from a fisherman.
A woman who works in brick field making bread for breakfast beside her house.
A child labour of brick field inverting the mud-bricks to dry well.
A child labour taking dried bricks to process.
A child Labour working with adults in the strobe of brick factory to set the mud-bricks for further process.
A coal supplier of brick field carrying coal to the strobe.
Brick field workers having their lunch which they brought from home.
A woman worker buying second hand cloths from a hawker in the brick field.
A worker preparing coal to hit up the strobe of brick field.
Workers taking processed bricks on their head to store bricks else where.
A girl close her eyes because of the dust while collecting pieces of coal from wastage of brick field.
A brick field worker, working in extreme working condition and inhaling dust while working.
A worker tie his towel on his head in the middle of work.
Brick field workers having their bath beside Buriganga river.
Brick field workers having after work fun with music instruments.
On a brick field's weekend (Monday), workers gathered in a room to collect their wages from their leader.
A brick field worker smoking a local pipe, which he brought from his village.
Two brick field workers coming back to brick field after their holidays.