Internal Migrated Workers

Shipyard workers carrying a heavy piece of matal at Dhaka, Bangladesh
Service man of rolling mill pulling a heavy peace of matal for servicing after mill's operation hours at Narayanganj, Bangladesh
In work shoe of a rolling mill worker, which was given for work safety at Narayanganj, Bangladesh
Billal an internal migrated worker packing back his lunch box just after luch in the rolling mill at Narayanganj, Bangladesh
A worker checking out some machinery ... hours at Narayanganj, Bangladesh
A rolling mill worker having his lunch in the mill after finishing his shift as another shit about to began at Narayanganj, Bangladesh
An internal migrant worker working in a wire making factory.
An internal migrated woman farmer poses for a photo at Munshiganj, Bangladesh
A woman poses for a photo with silver pots in a local silver factory.
Badsha (15) working in a silver pot making factory, where he made 1500BDT (17USD) a week for living.
A child labour of shipyard poses for a photo at Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Akash a shipyard worker, took a moment to resumption his daily work at Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Gulzar Hossain a jute mill worker, tie his towel on his head just before posing for a photo at Narayanganj near Dhaka, Bangladesh.
A Brick field worker sipping water from his pot while working in a hot summer day.